Episode 4 – Star Wars and Final Lessons: Star Wars in the Classroom Part 1

• Discuss developing the final lesson of the year
• Discuss the value of year-end reflections/evaluations

1. A long time ago… Final Lessons in Star Wars movies
• Obi-Wan  – Actions can have far reaching consequences
• Yoda – Time runs out for us all, remember what you have learned
• Vader – Even the mighty fall, follow your heart
• Luke – Never think you know it all

2. How did my final lesson first happen?
• My mother’s typewriter
• “Instantes” – “Instants” or “Moments” – misattributed to Borges

3. Qualities that can be part of a final lesson
• Forward thinking
• Universality
• Reflection

4. What year-end reflections can bring about
• Growth/reinvention
• Reinforcement
• Focus
• Harsh truths

• How does a person grow up yet somehow stay a Toys R Us kid?